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About us

About us

Familiarize yourself with all the services and massage types that Masajes Luna y Spa offers for your enjoyment, pleasure and health, all available in the comfort of your home, hotel room or wherever you require them. 

 Our staff includes both men and women, all certified as massage therapists, properly attired and absolutely dependable. They will be happy to make your experience with us a memorable one.

 Come into our universe and let us take you on a… 


“The moon can be taken in spoonfuls or as a capsule every two hours."                   

Jaime Sabines

As the poet from Chiapas, Mexico wrote, since men raised their eyes into the night sky, they felt the moon’s spell, the quiet, peaceful way in which it instilled in them a sensation of peace, relaxation and wellbeing.

At Masajes Luna y Spa these are, precisely, the kind of sensations we want to provide for our customers.

 We are firmly convinced that health in body, mind and spirit, should not be considered a luxury but rather a daily habit to help us fulfill the essential need for a better quality of life.

 In the same way that the moon controls the tides in the oceans, making the waters flow and thus renewing the planet’s energy, so will the hands of our therapists stimulate the flow of physical, emotional and spiritual energy when they come in contact with your body, allowing you to attain a state of complete peace and tranquility, after which you will be ready for a restful sleep or to go back, renewed and relaxed, to face the challenges of everyday life.

Our Services


"It works well as a hypnotic and a sedative and it also relieves those intoxicated by philosophy."   


Jaime Sabines

Holistic Massage

60 min  -  $700

90 min  -  $900

Pressure . Medium

A medium pressure massage that releases muscular pressure and improves blood circulation.

Deep tissue

60 min  -  $900

90 min  -  $1,100

Pressure . Hard

Recommended for gentlemen or for serious muscle contractures. We drain all toxins giving relief to muscular swelling caused by exercise, stress or fatigue. 

Angel Caress Massage

60 min  -  $600

90 min  -  $800

Pressure . Soft

A soft pressure technique, perfect for muscle relaxation, soothing of the mind and to get rid of stress, both physical and mental. A nerve-calming experience, it helps in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Hot Stones

90 min  -  $1,300

Pressure . Personalized

The king of muscle relaxation. The Hot Stones act as a soothing balm for your sore body.

Thai Massage

90 min - $1,400

Thai massage sessions. Read More…

Janzu Treatment

45 a 120 min . Cost fixed upon request

Janzu treatment is an underwater experience that any person can receive. It is done by two persons, the receiver and the professional. Read more…

Ayurvedic Massage

90 min  -  $1,300

Pressure . Medium or soft

One of the wonders of India, “Ayurveda” means “The Science of Life”.

This is a holistic treatment that works with the patient’s life energies to provide a deep nervous relaxation, taking into account the balance and interaction between mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy massage

90 min - $1,400

Pressure . Medium 

This treatment employs the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, which can be stimulating or relaxing, the nostrils are connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls our body´s emotional and physiological responses.

When essential oils are inhaled, the molecules they contain travel directly to the limbic system improving, among other things, heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing frequency, memory, the digestive process and immune system response. Besides breathing them in, essential oils are also massaged and absorbed through the skin, maximizing the therapeutic effects of this treatment. 


Refresh yourself with one of our delicious 100% organic facials.


75 min - $600

100% organic

Highly refreshing, mineral water and red berry facial.


75 min - $600

100% organic

Oriental massage technique with a lifting effect and an avocado, collagen, vitamin E and coconut oil based treatment that will give your face a beautiful, glowing complexion.


75 min - $600

100% organic

This facial will give you a fresh radiant face, thanks to the facial draining technique and a chamomile and honey based treatment.

Body Scrubs

We remove dead skin cells from your whole body using 100% organic exfoliants.


Gentlemen’s Facial 

75 min - $600

100% organic

An excellent option for men who are aware of the need to take good care of their face. This treatment, includes deep cleaning with mineral water, vitamin E, a lymph draining massage, electric stimulation and a personalized hydrating face mask with a choice of several ingredients such as chocolate, honey, red wine or red berries among others. 

Bridal Veil

60 min - $1,200

Exfoliation with brown sugar, chamomile and olive oil. Red berry or red wine wrap.

Chocolate Rain

60 min - $1,200

Perfect for gentlemen. Exfoliation with coffee and olive oil. Chocolate wrap.


60 min - $1,200

Strong exfoliant

Cocoa contains tanins, antioxidants and anticancer agents. It also stimulates hormone production. It has antiseptic, antidepressive, anticellulite and reaffirming properties.

This treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and improves collagen and elastin production, providing vitality and enthusiasm and improving your mood at the same time. 


60 min - $1,200

Strong exfoliant

We mix salt and essential oils to achieve a personalized scent.

Salt helps treat back acne and other skin conditions, because of it’s natural qualities as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. 


60 min - $1,200

Soft exfoliant

A deep cleansing treatment. 

Good against cellulite. It’s stimulating and diuretic qualities are a big help in the elimination of fat and toxins, while also helping make the skin smoother.

Brown Sugar

60 min - $1,200

Strong exfoliant

Sugar’s natural glicolic acid helps exfoliate the skin not only through the abrasion of the rubbing, but also on a chemical level, making it smooth as silk. 

Thai Massage

How does Thai massage help me?

From the dephts of the Far East, Thai massage is designed for those who like to take an active part in their own treatment. The therapist leads the patient through a series of stretchings, stimulating the body and improving posture. It enhances flexibility, and raises blood circulation. It promotes body awareness, mental and emotional release and improves the immune system’s performance.

Using stretch techniques we help you to:

​1. Improve your posture.

2. Acquire body awareness.

3. Improve flexibility and achieve mental and emotional release.

4. Calm and relax.

5. Boost your immune system.

6. Improves blood circulation.

Yoga Tailandes


Special requirements: It takes place inside a swimming pool.

What is Janzu Treatment?

A return to the beginning, before birth, to the mother’s womb, when the body was fully submerged in amniotic liquid, in a state of absolute freedom and physical and spiritual relaxation. Seventy percent of our body is made up of water, and this is why it’s energy responds to the ebbs and flows of this primal liquid.

Janzu treatment is based on the teachings of the hindu master Osho, in human development techniques, in aquatic and cosmic awareness and in spiritual practices both Western and Eastern, such as Tai Chi. It is an unforgettable and unparalleled experience that any person may enjoy.

​It takes place inside a swimming pool, in which both the patient and the therapist submerge. The patient just needs to relax and release his/her body to the sensation of weightlessness given by the water, while the therapist holds him, leading him through a series of movements and applying pressure in specific points both at the surface level and underwater.

​Janzu treatment can be applied in one or several sessions. It works as a relaxation, release and transformational therapy on the psychic, psychologic, mental and spiritual levels, naturally dissolving the knots and blocks caused by stress, thanks to the effect of the water, that allows for an armonic flow of the life-energy and a connection with our inner self that leads to a deep meditation and a state of high awareness.

"A piece of the moon in your pocket is a better charm than a rabbit’s foot"


Jaime Sabines


Amores 1437, Suite 401

Col. del Valle Centro 

03100 Mexico City.


Tel: 55·68·16·60·71

Whatsapp: 55·68·16·60·71

​​Monday through Sundays 

from 8:00 am a 12:00 hrs

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